Aÿ’s winemaking history dates back almost 1,700 years to the Roman era. In the 16th century, Henry IV,”His Majesty of Aÿ and good wine’‘, created the reputation of still white wines from Aÿ throughout his kingdom. Around two hundred years later, the invention of blending, and the control of secondary fermentation in bottle gave birth to champagne. A sparkling wine bottled and closed back then with a wooden cork and hemp. But many bottles leaked or broke under intern pressure… With improvement of corking and bottling technics we now export our champagnes all over the world.

In 2004, Francis Tribaut takes over and gives birth to Champagne Georges LACOMBE.

Champagne Georges LACOMBE is fortunate enough today to source from 80 hectares of vineyard including in the grand crus and premier crus areas.

Georges LACOMBE champagnes are wines of pleasure: Rich, elegant, complex and fruit-driven.

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  • guide-hachette-vins-2017
    Guide Hachette 2017 – Grande Cuvée : 2**

    The three Champagne grapes are associated in equal proportions in this cuvee that has a pale golden colour and delicate ...

  • guide-hachette-vins-2017
    Guide Hachette 2017 – Rosé : 1*

    The three Champagne grapes are blended together in this rosé that has a very pale colour, perfumed with hints of raspbe...

  • vignettes_hachette2016
    Guide Hachette Des Vins 2016 – Brut Premier Cru 1*

    A majority of black grapes (70% including 50% of Pinot Noir) in this cuvee aged for 3 years on lees. A gourmet and compl...

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  • VIGNERON n°10
    VIGNERON n°10

    « When most Champagne Houses pride themselves of their length of time, she is proud of her youth ! It is young it is true, but for champagn...

  • A few words about Francis TRIBAUT, by Serge DUBS
    A few words about Francis TRIBAUT, by Serge DUBS

    “ He is a peerless winemaker. To taste his champagnes is like drinking the terroir of the Champagne region ! Francis Tribaut is a franc, s...

  • lactuduvin – Meeting with Francis TRIBAUT
    lactuduvin – Meeting with Francis TRIBAUT

    Video Interview of Francis TRIBAUT...

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